My Magic Moment about the Iron Giant 

When my team and I was making

the Iron Giant head, I thought we 

could-not do it. I believed

in myself and we actually 

did a good job. But we are not 


By Kasey.

My blog post  

We were using our creativity and some of Aaliyah’s favourite things to create a card for her. Aaliyah lost a family member so we’re trying to be nice by creating a card for her. Lucas also helped us draw the mountain and the tree. We are hoping the card will cheer her up.

By Olivia

 I like constructing the Iron Giant as we get to work in a group. We were asked to choose a body part to design and make. We had to make it 3D. One group had done the torso, one group the head, two groups the legs, and one group the arms. My group are still making the head. 

by Jack

Wednesday 25 March

Sebs group constructed a house.  The group was working well together. They made a super cool mansion. It was awesome. I think I might make one one day. I liked how they built it, it looked fun. I wish I was there. 

By Nate

My magic moment.

My magic moment was when we were playing the team game on the backfield. My team was cheering me on. When I did the moves they made me not want to give up and let my team down. At the end we all cheered Noah on.

By Maddie