Writing in Room 6

Room 6 are focused on writing about a magic moment from the holidays. Miss Klein can’t wait to read them so she can hear all about the wonderful adventures.


Assembly Sharing

Today Room 6 shared their stunning Taniwha art and performed Tohora Nui during whole school assembly. They were especially proud of their artwork and sung so well while doing the actions. Well done Room 6 you are a creative class.

Clever Room 6

We are learning about fractions this term. Some of our problems are very hard or so Miss Klein thought. Here are some photos which show our thinking.

Reading and responding

In Room 6 we are learning how to infer using clues in a story. We use our own experiences to guess what is happening. Here we are completing our Snow Day poster where we have illustrated four activities that Tim and Grandma did while mum was at work.

Code Cracking

Room 6 are working as a team to solve four different codes. When they crack the code they then have to unlock a padlock. This takes team work and perseverance.

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