Yummy Statistics!

Last week Room 6 conducted a survey to determine how many of each colour come in a bag of Macey’s Lollipops. The students created their own individual tally chart, and as a class we analysed tha data to determine what colour was the most common. The students didn’t even realise they were learning maths!

Welcome to Room 6 2022

Room 6 has made a fantastic start to the year! We have been busy establishing our class expectations and preparing for a year of hard mahi and setting ourselves up for success.

Wearing masks (for Year 4s) and adjusting to the new protocols set by the government has been a challenge for the students in our class, but they have risen to this wonderfully. Well done!

More details about Home Learning will be coming home with the students in the coming days as well as a text with Mrs Corrigans’ contact details, should you want to get in touch.