Construction Club by Karez

On Mondays we have construction club. I am working on squishy circuits. It is all about electricity and play dough. There is also a battery pack that makes all of the circuits work. I like it because you can make lights turn on and fans spin around, but to make the fan work you need the little engine. You can also make a horn buzz and you can also make this weird squeaky sound with this device.

Being Goal Master by Quartez

One Tuesday, at indoor soccer, I tried to help my team so I gave it all I could. The other team won the game but we put up a good fight. We blocked 6 of their goals . 

 They blocked most of ours. I was upset for Johnny’s One. He kicked as hard as  he could and he got it in. I got player of the day, Johnny got a different one. We had our fun! The game was over so we got out and played more soccer!    

The next Tuesday the teams were harder. I hit myself in the face when I deflected the ball. Charlie got hit by Harrison. But this isn’t just soccer on Monday before Tuesday. There was basketball with me, charlie and more. There were really big people so my team decided to try to keep it a tie .

My Magic Moment Air bands

We were all very creative, all our colours were incredible.

Everyone cooperated amazingly. 

I think all of us loved it and I think all had fun.

I adored the costumes, they were cheerful.

I loved the songs, they were fantastic and I think we all did too.

By Olivia

Confidence Course by Harrison

The confidence course was challenging when I reached

 the metal bars. It was challenging because I was one of the last people to start and the bars were really slippery. I Kept trying to swing from bar to bar but kept slipping off. I made it by doing the obstacle next to the metal bars. .I Liked the confidence course because it was challenging. It was also fun at the same time as I was doing it.

Sahara’s Blog Post

I loved the cupcakes, especially decorating them with sprinkles. 

When I used pink and blue food colouring my cupcake turned purple. 

I used fifteen or twenty layers of icing. When It was time to eat them, I ate the icing first off my cup cake.  It was yummy. I ate it all. At the end my cupcake made my day.

Air Bands

The battle of the air bands had arrived. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. Jacob was really nervous so we changed the singer to me. When we got called up to the stage, my hands were shaking but I got used to it. At the end I felt like I did an awesome job and my team did too. I am so excited that we can do it later on in the year.   

By Lucas   

Tuesday Soccer

Every Tuesday we play indoor soccer with Mr Byers. He reefs us so we don’t cheat in the game. It gives us something to do during lunchtime. When I get a goal I feel awesome! Everyone cheers even when the other team scores a goal.

By Charlie

Air Bands

Monday 16th of march

The airband performances were very hard and everyone’s performances were awesome. Everybody in each team was working together; they were all timed to the beat. The teams were wearing really bright colors and it stood out. Everybody had their own part in their team. I wish we could do this again soon. 

The end

By Enzo

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