Ocean Art

Do you like the ocean then I recommend this art piece.

Last term we had Mrs Knyvett and she did  some awesome art  with us. First we had to pick a sea creature (I picked dolphins) then we had to dye our backgrounds to a sea theme. After that we  had to trace our sea creature onto our background. After tracing we had to sharpie, wow!! Then the masterpiece was finished. You should 100 percent try it at home with your friends and family.


Water Art by Noah

We were learning about the sea. So far we have learned how to make a sea background and we have learned how to draw sea animals. I drew an orca. First we drew our sea animals, next we painted our background. Then we left the paint to dry. After that we used a black sharpie to outline the orca. Then we painted our sea animal and lastly used the black sharpie to outline the details. I enjoyed this art because I like orca’s. By Noah

Distance Learning

Thank you to all Room 6’s wonderful parents for support and encouragement with distance learning. We hope that your children are enjoying using Google Classroom and completing their topics with a smile. It makes my day when I receive emails with lots of photos showing creativity and the learning.

Please remember, I am only an email away if you have any questions.

Here is a resource https://kerrinrtlb15.blogspot.com/ should you need further inspiration and activities.

Paula Klein