Mathletics Silver Certificates

Here are three hardworking Room 6 students who have earnt a silver certificate last week. Zion now has 3 silver, Jackson and Ella one. They have worked hard to practise their basic facts and to complete tasks each week. Well done!


Wet day Games

Room 6 loves creating tag games to play everyday. Today it started to rain, so we decided to practise our throwing skills with a soft ball, when we played silent ball inside our class. We are still hoping we can get out later today and play ball tag.

Life Education with Mike

On Tuesday Room 6 visited the classroom to learn all about being a good friend. We had lots of good ideas and will return on Friday for our last lesson. The highlight was seeing Harold who told us a funny joke.

Silver Mathletics Certificates

Room 6 have been busy learning their basic facts when they play live Mathletics and complete tasks. Well done to these students who have earnt 5 bronze certificates to qualify for a special silver award.

Writing in Room 6

Room 6 are focused on writing about a magic moment from the holidays. Miss Klein can’t wait to read them so she can hear all about the wonderful adventures.

Assembly Sharing

Today Room 6 shared their stunning Taniwha art and performed Tohora Nui during whole school assembly. They were especially proud of their artwork and sung so well while doing the actions. Well done Room 6 you are a creative class.

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